Zuri Washington

Beautiful Brilliance

[T]he show gets stolen by the mighty Danielle (Zuri Washington), leader of the dance crew at Campbell’s new school — her, and her two lieutenants, Nautica (an entrancing Jennifer Geller) and La Cienega (Sharrod Williams), who have by far the loudest personalities and the coolest dance moves.
— Liz Byron, Aisle Say Magazine
Zuri Washington passionately performs as the streetwise Danielle, the leader of the Jackson crew. She brings a demeanor to her character that fits perfectly into the environment of the school. Her voice was magnificent and blended splendidly with Vynnytsky [Campbell].
— Steve Wilson, Broadway World (Kansas City)
Campbell joins Jackson’s flavorful hip-hop crew led by the fiery, no-nonsense Danielle (a marvelously commanding, vocally strong Zuri Washington)...
— Russell Florence, Jr., Dayton's Most Metro
The show’s leading roles are winningly played by Nadia Vynnytsky (Campbell) and Zuri Washington (crew leader Danielle).
— Tyler Hinton, Broadway World (Salt Lake)